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Home lymphedema treatment based on the principles of manual lymph drainage


Lympha Press Optimal® gives patients the benefits of the gentle touch of manual lymph drainage along with Lympha Press® calibrated gradient sequential compression. 

Elements of the Optimal® treatment system


  • Pretherapy™, based on the principles of manual lymph drainage. This mode starts by treating the proximal areas first.  Used with our  torso garments, Pretherapy™ treats  the abdomen, trunk or torso before starting the distal to proximal  therapy session.  Used with our arm and leg sleeves, Pretherapy™ gives special attention to the top part of the limb.

  • 12-Zone Gradient, calibrated "at the pump." Pressure can be adjusted in each compression chamber individually, or in four groups of three chambers each, for comfortable treatment of painful or fibrotic areas.  The Optimal® has our Lympha Press® quick cycle time.

  • Garments for torso clearance. Use with Lympha Pants™, for treatment of the abdomen and genital areas; or with Comfysleeve™ 1-75, for treatment of lymphedema and postmastectomy lymphedema in the shoulder, chest, back, abdomen and axilla areas. 

  • Individualized therapy.  The Optimal® offers choice of pressure, gradient,  treatment  mode, and treatment time, to meet a wide variety of clinical situations and patient compliance needs. Pressure and treatment mode can be adjusted to accommodate painful areas, fibrosis, and other considerations. 

  • Bilateral treatment.  The Optimal®, like all our Lympha Press® systems, can treat one limb or two, simultaneously.  This saves treatment time and improves patient compliance.

  • Patient lock - Pressure and modes are set and locked, according to physician prescription, making this exceptionally versatile lymphedema treatment system safe and easy to use at home.











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